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  • Operational maintenance and closing of accounts
  • Accounting of primary and compiling secondary documents
  • Preparation and submission to the tax office of VAT returns and data on magnetic media
  • Accrual basis and preparation of all necessary payment documents for payments to the budget
  • Preparation of amortization schedule for fixed assets
  • Data processing with an accounting product with an opportunity to exchange information electronically


  • Preparation and filing to the NRA contracts, additional agreements and orders for labor contracts termination
  • Preparation of civil contracts, bills payments and memorandums
  • Preparation of payrolls, certificates, calculation of hospital list, annual leave
  • Preparation of payment documents for payments to the budget
  • Reporting on insured persons in the personal register of the Institute
  • Completion of employment and insurance licenses, certification of retirement


  • Preparation and presentation of annual financial statements
  • Preparation and presentation of consolidated financial statements
  • Preparation of annual tax returns PIT and CIT


  • All consultations are free if signed contract for accounting services
  • Consultation on tax planning activities
  • Consultation and refinement of contracts from a tax perspective
  • Consultations on legal tax optimization
  • Advice on agreements to avoid double taxation
  • Advice on employment law and insurance issues
  • Advice on currency legislation
  • Consultations on the requirements of the HEI and SVSC
  • Advice and assistance in registration of company
  • Consultation on the form of staff employment
  • Consultation on amendments to the legal and regulatory framework


  • Monitor the deadlines for tax returns
  • Preparation of payment orders for taxes
  • Preparation of tax returns and notices
  • Preparation, presentation and defense of tax returns, annual financial statements and other information to the tax authorities
  • Carrying out the necessary checks with the tax administration in connection with checks – general, thematic and cross
  • Representation and defense before the NRA, NSSI and NHIF